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Tuesday, April 17


Inside the Structure Fifth Floor Musings First Floor SAE BAJA BUGGY First Floor Two Becoming One First Floor "The Sympathy of the People of These Islands is Almost Entirely with Them and Their Cause:" Charles Maxwell Allen in the Heart of Bermuda's Confederate Sympathizers Room 104A Airports, Cars, and Boxes: The Portrayal of Poverty in Children’s Books Room 104A Building a Weather-Ready Nation through the Integration of Communication and Education Room 104A Millennials: Drama for the Dramatic Generation Room 106 Mini-advertising Campaign for Clare House No. 1 Room 100 Mini-advertising Campaign for Clare House No. 2 Room 100 The Pennsylvania German Art of Faith Healing Room 106 The portrayal of African American men in the media Room 106 Use and Perception of Google Translate in the Classroom Room 106 Crescent City Jazz Festival Room 117 'A Different Space' Fifth Floor Covalent Organic Framework Fifth Floor Cross-Campus Travel Time by Mode and Time of Day First Floor Documenting Success: Recovery of Species From The Endangered Species Act First Floor Environmental Sound Level Measurements Fifth Floor Epoxidation studies of intermediates en route to altersolanol derivatives Fifth Floor Inclusion for all students: How games enhance student learning! First Floor iSTEM Curriculum - The Playground Project Fifth Floor Personal Attitudes and Perceptions of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana and Driving Under the Influence of Both Marijuana and Alcohol in Relation to Sensation-Seek... Fifth Floor Postmortem succession of the European starling (Sturnus vulgaris) gastrointestinal microbiota First Floor Structural Differences in the Large Protein Twitchin Affect the Regulation of Muscle Contraction in Squid First Floor The (Art and) Craft of History Third Floor The economic and ecological assessment of stream restoration through cost-benefit analysis First Floor The Effect of Communication on Infidelity Rates Within Romantic Relationships Fifth Floor What is the effect of the United States prison system on mothers and their children born behind bars? Fifth Floor MidnightRun24, Millersville's first 24-Hour Video Race Room 118 Old and New Challenges in International Law Room 502 DIE SCHÖNE MÜLLERIN - PERFORMANCE, APPLICATION AND ANALYSIS OF A MAJOR ROMANTIC ERA First Floor


3D Printed Dress Exhibit First Floor Art Story First Floor Mixed Media Exhibit First Floor Behavioral Assay to Determine Sound Sensitivities of Fundulus heteroclitus Room 104A Biases and Heuristics in Tornado Warning Response Room 104A Citizen Science Acoustic Survey of Local Bat Species of Concern Room 117 College Students Experiences & Attitudes Toward Law Enforcement as a Function of Gender and Race Room 118 Enacting Active Compliant Visual Robotic Control: Setup, Configuration, and Applications Room 117 Factors Affecting Streamflow Timing on Sagehen Creek Room 104A Learning the Language of the Jazz Vibraphone Room 117 Political Participation of African American College Students Room 118 Stigma Within African American and Latino College Communities Against Learning Abilities Room 118 The Effect of Pedagogical Rules in the Acquisition of German Reflexive Verbs Room 104A The Impact of Social Media on Academic Performance Among College Students Room 118 ‘Sorry, English only!’ a Proposition to Promote Spanish-language Learning Room 117 Table Talk - Stretching the Sounds of a Vibraphone Room 106 An Assessment of Millersville University Student Awareness of and Attitudes towards Campus Sustainability First Floor Applying Kelly Criterion to College Football Betting First Floor Cross-Frontal exchange of water masses at the New England Shelf Break: Preliminary Observations using the Coastal Pioneer Array First Floor Mechanisms of Pharmaceutical Drugs Second Floor Multipotency of Trunk Neural Crest Cells in Trachemys scripta First Floor Parallel Pathfinding Fifth Floor Potential for the Bioaccumulation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: An assessment of water sediment and aquatic insects First Floor Prevalence, Prevention, and Bystander Intervention of Campus Sexual Assault First Floor SONG CYCLE Fifth Floor Statistical Comparison and Simulations of Supercells in Environments with Varying Significant Tornado Parameters First Floor Studies en Route to Altersolanol Derivatives First Floor Synthesis of an Optoelectronic Covalent Organic Framework from Anthrone Fifth Floor Synthesis of Highly Emmissive Covalent Organic Frameworks Fifth Floor The Bonus Army: How Misscommunication Really Forced the Veterans Out Fifth Floor Women Undercover in the American Civil War Fifth Floor Community Based Research Panel Room 113 Social and Economic Inequality across Eurasia Room 100


"Horizons" First Floor Indiscriminate First Floor Packaging Design First Floor Scouting Locations for Narrative Preproduction First Floor Stigmas in Greek Life on Millersville's Campus First Floor The Line First Floor "How could you possibly ask me to justify my self-identity;" An Oral History Study of Self-Identity among Professional Vocalists Room 117 An Open Two-Compartment Model and the Exponential Peeling Method for Parameter Estimation Room 118 Does Political Party Identification Explain Students Attitudes Toward Various Social Issues? Room 118 Ethnic Experiences in Higher Education Room 100 French Beyond French Borders Room 113 How does social media maintain "White innocence" and enforce "Black deviance"? Room 117 Introversion in the Social Work Profession Room 118 Music Therapy for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma; A Oral History Study Room 117 Reaching Underserved Students Through Animal Assisted Interventions Room 118 The Final Phase: Millersville Strike Oral History Project and Its Aftermath Room 117 Women in Art (Art 305) Room 104A 2017-18 Accomplishments of the Computer Science Programming Teams Third Floor Accomplishments of the MU Cyber Defense Organization Third Floor Acne Vulgaris and Adult Women Treated with Oral Contraceptive Pills First Floor Analysis of Internal Parasites Between Native and Captive White-tailed Deer in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Third Floor Atmospheric High Energy Radiation Profiles During a Coronal Mass Ejection First Floor Correlations of Lightning Occurrence with Weather Parameters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania Third Floor Minerapoly - Gamify The Classroom Third Floor Poster First Floor Teaching Technology Engineering to Special Populations First Floor The Issue of the Lack of Feminine Products available to Homeless Women Third Floor The Power of the Portfolio: Standing Apart in Future Endeavors Room 106


A Comparison of Two Cancrid Crab Species: Cancer borealis and Cancer irroratus Third Floor A Look at Personal Exposure to Particulate Matter from Indoor Sources Third Floor Beyond the 'Pale:' An Ethnography on the Rural Irish Third Floor Calibration and testing of a Capillary electrophoresis (CE) system, for use in an undergraduate lab. First Floor Characterization of premigratory NCCs in between the two waves of migration in slider turtle (Trachemys scripta) First Floor Cold Air Damming in the Appalachian Mountains First Floor Dark Matter inGalaxy Cluster Abell 1835 First Floor Defying the stigmas - Alpha Sigma Tau Third Floor Determining the Differences in Dot Gain Between Selected Offset Plates Fifth Floor Do Small Mammals Prey Switch During the Winter? An Evaluation of Invertebrate Prey Availability in the Subfolium Level of the Forest Floor. Third Floor Duck Feeders at MU Pond First Floor Expanding the Green Scope of Pentaerythritol Acetal Formation First Floor EXPLORING THE REGIOSELECTIVE DIELS-ALDER REACTION SCOPE OF 1,4-NAPHTHOQUINONES First Floor Factors influencing underrepresented vs. overrepresented student retention at Millersville University Third Floor Family-of-Origin's Role in College Student Adjustment First Floor Fiscal Strategy for Student Research Groups Third Floor Identification of Tissue-Specific Isoforms of the Large Elastic Protein Kettin in Squid Muscles Exhibiting Diverse Contractile Properties First Floor Identifying Pigments in Art using SERS and Silver Nanoparticles Third Floor Imine Library Synthesis via Solvent-Free Reactions Third Floor Impact of Sunk Costs on Consumer Decision Making Third Floor Investigating Appalachian-Induced Fine-Scale Frontal Features during SEAR-MAR Third Floor Millersville Hawkwatch 2017 First Floor Millersville University Internship Showcase First Floor Perfectionism and Performance in School-Age Female Competitive Dancers in Relation to Parenting Characteristics Third Floor Student Characters of Millersville First Floor The Effect of the Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) on North Atlantic Tropical Development First Floor Women Authors of Textbooks in Mathematics First Floor X-Ray Properties of the Galactic Black Hole H1743-322 First Floor


Autonomous Navigation and Mapping of Known and Unknown Environments First Floor Childhood Nostalgia First Floor Children's Coloring Book Kit First Floor Deformation - Technology Meets Printmaking First Floor Figuring It Out: Loving Yourself First Floor Graphics for the Film Industry First Floor Relative Miss-interaction? First Floor Drug Assimilation into the Blood Using Dynamic Systems Room 113 Prisoner City: Lancaster City’s Role As A POW Prison During The American Revolution. Room 117 Social Media Impact on Collegiate Success and Persistance Rates Room 117 Temporal analysis of threats causing species endangerment in the U.S. Room 118 An experimental comparison between color models printed on heat transfer paper. Second Floor An Experimental Comparison of Selected Inkjet Photo Quality Paper Second Floor An Experimental Comparison of Selected Textile Water Based Screen Printing Inks Second Floor An Experimental Comparison of the Color Fastness of Selected Water-Based Inks Second Floor Detection of Heavy Metals Using Metal Nanoparticles First Floor Determining the Optimal Ratio of an Extender Base Additive to White Textile Screen Printing Ink Second Floor Determining the Optimal Temperature for Foil Stamping on Selected Book Binding Material Second Floor Establishing Proper Laboratory Practices for Three-Dimensional Silicone Printing on Garments Second Floor Morphological Analysis of Electroreceptive Organs in the elephantfish, Callorhinchus milii (Chondrichthyes; Chimaeriformes) First Floor New Dimensions of World Literature: What Can We Learn from Writers from Africa, Asia, the Carribbean and the Middle East. Third Floor Postmodern Religion within the Contemporary United States Second Floor The (Art and) Craft of History First Floor The Impact of Extreme Weather Events Due to Climate Change on Lancaster County Agricultural Production in the Period 1980-2016 First Floor The portrayal of African American men in the media First Floor Title: Determining the optimal mixing ratio of epoxy screen printing ink. Second Floor Hip Hop: Integration & Exploitation Room 100 Susquehanna Stories Room 104A